Activity Finds: East Oahu

Cromwell's Beach

Named after Doris Duke's husband, James Cromwell, Cromwell's is a lesser-known beach off the beaten (sandy) path along East O‘ahu's shores. Just east of Diamond Head Beach, you'll want to chart your visit here for low tide when there is more sand to stretch out on and tons of tide pools to explore.

If you hear of it by name, Cromwell's is well known by local beach bums as a popular surf spot beyond the reef. Keep on the lookout for pockets of beach with a sandy bottom that make swimming here easier on the soles of your feet.

Because this beach is slipped within a residential neighborhood try to hook a parking spot along the street. The public access is hidden at the end of Kulamanu Street, through a maze of glamorous Honolulu homes. With no signs or distinguishing markers leading the way, you'll want to try to tag along with someone who has been here before or follow others who look like they know where they're headed!

Note to guests: Jumping off the lava rock wall - a popular pastime amongst local teens - has recently resulted in a number of injuries. Be careful and stay safe!



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