Food Finds: West Oahu


If a long drive gets your tummy a rumbling, stop by Tanioka's on your way through West O‘ahu for a drink or quick meal. Here you'll run into employees on their lunch break grabbing a quick snack, scooping up orders of Tanioka's plate lunches and pounds of poke.

With Tanioka's bargain bento starting at $5.50 for a Family Bento (which includes mochiko, fried or garlic chicken, teri-hot dog, teri-spam and steamed rice), ranging to the "pricier" Deluxe II Bento for $7.50 (includes beef teriyaki, mochiko, fried or garlic chicken, a fish patty, musubi and mini sushi cone) it's hard not to get bento-ed over! Tanioka's is well known for their poke (raw, cubed fish), which is prepared fresh daily. If fresh fish isn't your speed, Tanioka's also offers diners local favorites such as fried chicken, ahi patties, inari and maki sushi as well as other okazu options.

An O‘ahu favorite since 1978, Tanioka's is still owned and managed by the local Tanioka ‘ohana (family) and almost any visit will guarantee a friendly face from one of the original owners' band of children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews. Situated just north of Pearl Harbor off of Farrington Highway, Tanioka's tends to blend in with the surrounding shopping area - so keep your eyes peeled. And since there aren't any tables or chairs, you'll want to grab your favorite Tanioka's plate lunch or bento to go to enjoy at a picnic at Ko Olina or in the car as you roll back to your hotel.


Know Before You Go


Tanioka's has deals on meaty meals! Bentos here start at $5.50 and make the perfect picnic lunch. 


They're famous for their fish. Poke in for an order of poke (raw, cubed fish), prepared fresh daily.

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