Food Finds: East Oahu

Ono Seafood

Don't blink or you'll miss this little shop situated on the ground level of a blue apartment building along Kapahulu Avenue. Few eateries in Hawai‘i live up to their name quite like Ono Seafood - a manini (mah-nee-nee or small) mom and pop store slicing up some of the most ono (delicious) cubes of poke (poh-keh) and fresh-from-the-sea delicacies around O‘ahu.

For a quick bite on the run, nothing hits the spot and is as quintessentially "Hawai‘i" as poke - or fresh, raw, cubed fish, seasoned with either Hawaiian salt, soy sauce or other type of seasoning. We regularly crave Ono Seafood's mouthwatering $7 poke bowls (seasoned cubed raw fish over a bowl or rice), which makes for a perfect snack or light meal any time of day. The only downside of Ono Seafood is the lack of seating - there is just one bench in front of the shop, which is typically packed if you stop by mid-day.

At Ono Seafood, the poke is made to order (unlike other places which prepare the dish in advance) and invites customers to select from their choice of fresh ingredients including white and green onion, ogo (seaweed), chili pepper, Hawaiian salt, shoyu (soy sauce), sesame oil or kukui nut. Though the price (market price typically ranges around $12 a pound) may cause sticker shock to some, this is one Hawai‘i seafood dish worth every penny.


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