Food Finds: Waikiki

Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin

If you're craving katsu treat yourself to an authentic Japanese meal at Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin. Conceivably the best katsu in Hawai‘i, here even the pricey menu can't keep away pork-loving locals and tourists who continue to come in crowds.

With the taste and feel of a family-owned restaurant, this Tokyo-based restaurant chain offers a thoughtful menu with different takes on tonkatsu (a Japanese style fried pork cutlet). Here everything is steeped in quality, from the rice, which is cooked to the perfect consistency with Bincho charcoal and purified water, to the fresh pork and rich sauces. And no matter which pork you pick - whether its it's the thick cut pork loin katsu, katsu curry, katsu don or katsu loco moco - you'll squeal with delight at the crispy breading and mouth-wateringly most meat middle.

Reservations here are recommended. The compact restaurant can pack a two-hour wait on weekends. Plus, you'll want to arrive early for a chance to dig your snout (errr mouth) into their Kurobuta pork loin katsu. Made with premium-grade pork from Canada, Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin only makes 25 servings of this dish each day. When we can get our hoofs on it we're in hog heaven!


Know Before You Go


Reservations are strongly recommended. The tiny restaurant can pack up to a two-hour wait on weekends.


It be-hooves you to arrive early to get an order of their Kurobuta pork loin katsu. With just 25 servings a day, this dish is a hot commodity!

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