Food Finds: Waikiki


Sick of traditional Korean? Those who love yakiniku can't stop yakking about Sikdorak, a yakiniku spot as hot as the grills you cook your food on.

Here, your meat is cooked to perfection. Why? Because you've cooked it! Take control of the grill (and quiet complaints from your significant other that you haven't cooked for them recently!) by serving up perfect, sizzling pieces of their favorite meat. If you're with a large group graze from Sikdorak's meaty selection, which includes tongue, barbeque chicken, short ribs, rib eye, brisket, tripe and spicy pork.

For less than $20 you can pork out on all the meat you can eat, plus your favorite Korean sides. Carry in a case of your favorite cold brew or bubbles (did we mention it's BYOB?) and you've got the perfect place to chill out. The best part is it doesn't even matter what time of day your craving yakiniku. Sikdorak is open 24 hours a day to meet your meat munchies.

A word of advice? This isn't your upscale yakiniku restaurant. Dress down in jeans and a tank. Not only do the grills heat this place up but your clothes will be soaked in Sikdorak's deliciously smoky essence.

Know Before You Go


Remember it's BYOB! Carry in a case of your favorite cold brew or bubbles to complement your cooked meat.


Keep it casual! This place is shorts and tank top approved! 


Looking for something open late? Sikdorak is open 24 hours to meet your late-night meat munchies.

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