Food Finds: Waikiki

Yotekko Ya Kyoto Ramen

Despite a number of new ramen shops steaming up Oahu’s noodle scene, to kama‘aina connoisseurs Yotekko Ya Kyoto Ramen still noodles out the competition. Rolling out bowls of ramen so good you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Kyoto, Yotekko Ya is a kamaaina staple on a cool day. In fact, anytime the temperature dips below 70 we call it a Yotekko Ya night.

Tucked into the second floor corner of McCully Shopping Center, Yotekko Ya Kyoto Ramen is a cozy ramen shop known for their popular Paitan broth and fresh noodles which you can choose to order “local style” (softer) or “Japanese style” (chewy). For those who like to pig out on pork, we’d recommend ordering their Kakuni Ramen – Yotekko Ya’s version of char siu but so soft, it almost melts in your mouth. 


While there are more than 14 different broths the Paitan Ramen is their most popular. The milky-looking soup has a delicate flavor of fresh pork, chicken, vegetables and spices that have simmered on Yotteko Ya’s stove for more than 10 hours. Available only for dine-in guests, there is only a limited amount each day so arrive early to get your Paitan fix. And unlike most ramen broths you’ll encounter, Yotekko Ya’s Paitan soup isn’t just tasty – it’s also good for you. In fact its chock full of collagen which is said to prevent aging in the skin and joints so you can get your ramen fix while turning back the hands of time. I’d say that’s a bowl full!

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