Event Finds: Downtown

Eat the Street

Put the brakes on looking around for a place to eat. If it's the last Friday of the month, hit the pavement and Eat the Street at the island's uber popular monthly food truck rally.

Since Eat the Street launched in 2011 the event has put the pedal to the medal, transforming the kama‘aina (local) preconception of food trucks (or lunch wagons as the locals call them) into mini gourmet kitchens dishing up innovative treats. Past attendees have pigged out on themed menus featuring everything from bacon and musubi (a ball of rice, pronounced moo-soo-bee) to chocolate and cheese. If you're still looking for directions to navigate Hawai‘i's food truck craze, we have our top tips to help you avoid event traffic!

  • Arrive early. Eat the Street starts at 4 pm so plan ahead to arrive a little before four so you can park yourself in front of your favorite trucks!
  • Plan your attack. A day or two ahead of time, check out their website at www.eatthestreet.com or check out their social media to see what trucks will be there and determine what your must-try dishes are.
  • Buckle up! Part of the fun of an event like Eat the Street is the pulsing atmosphere and hordes (which translates to yes, lines) of people. Be prepared to go bumper to bumper for your meal.

If you've parked yourself at Eat the Street in the past, don't forget that the party has taken to the streets and moved a few blocks away to 1011 Ala Moana Boulevard (in the old Fisherman's Wharf location).  The new site offers more parking, better seating and our personal favorite - a more stunning ocean view and glimpse of the Hawaiian sunset. 

Know Before You Go


Travel light. Since you'll be stuffing your face while standing, leave your big bulky bags or unnecessary accouterments at the room or in the car.


The street offers little shade so stash protection like sunglasses or a hat to protect yourself from the harsh afternoon sun.

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