Food Finds: Downtown


The new dog on the street is Farkles, a Chicago-style hot dog joint, which has brought a taste of the East coast to Honolulu's Chinatown district. Straddling the corner of Hotel and Maunakea Street, Farkles barks our name whenever we've got a hot craving for dogs.

As Waikiki Parc's Michael O. always says, nothing puts a sparkle in our day like Farkles' Kim Chee Dog or a Chicago Dog with the works - pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, relish, mustard and pepperoncinis. And yes, all of that really does fit on one dog. The hard part is getting it all in in one bite!

In fact though, we are still making our way through Farkles' menu of reasonably priced dogs with outside of the box toppings - like Farkles; bleu cheese dog, Caesar salad dog or their guacamole dog. Named after owner Mark Jensen's late grandfather, this spot seats 13 so it can be a tight squeeze during the lunch rush. We prefer to take our dog for a walk, while window shopping through Downtown O‘ahu.


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