Food Finds: Waikiki

Kiwami Ramen

Anytime the temperature in Hawai‘i dips, our cravings for ramen rise. And Kiwami's new location on Ke‘eaumoku Boulevard across from Walmart is satisfying our need for noodles with perfectly portioned bowls of fresh ramen.

Ever since their original location at Waikiki Shopping Center closed, we've suffered through many a Kiwami craving. Day dreaming of Kiwami's fat, chewy noodles and their tsukemen ramen (also known as their "dipping ramen" where the noodles and concentrated dipping sauce are served separately) has helped us bide our time. The noodles are traditionally served cold but can be ordered hot upon request -- perfect for those trying to warm up on a rainy day.

Now reunited with her favorite Honolulu lunch spot, Waikiki Parc's Melissa O. recommends their miso ramen. And for under $10 for a bowl of noodles and a complimentary bowl of char siu and rice, how can you go wrong? Because street parking is hard to find in this neck of town, there is parking underneath the building. With validation it's just $1 an hour.


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