Activity Finds: East Oahu

Hanauma Bay Rim Trail

Take a spin around the rim of Hanauma Bay on this lesser-known East Oahu trail. The 45 to 90 minute hike rounds out the cusp of Hanauma Bay covering slightly over one mile. 

And when we say hike, we mean hike. With steep climbs and ascents in places, the Hanauma Bay Rim Trail is a serious work out not suitable for young keiki (children), hiking novices or the feint of heart. Grab your iPhone and make use of the panoramic camera app to capture sweeping views of the aquamarine Pacific Ocean from Diamond Head to Makapuu Point. On a clear day hikers will just be able to discern Molokai in the distance and the odd humpback whale spouting.

What this rustic trail has in rocky terrain (roughly half of the trail consists of a steep, unpaved loose dirt and rocky path) it makes up for by offering a lesser-known window into the east side of Oahu. We'd recommend heading up in the cool morning hours since the lack of shade or cover can make the trek grueling (not to mention give you a mean sunburn) and packing in lots of water, sunscreen and serious hiking shoes.


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