Event Finds: East Oahu

1) KCC Farmer's Market

Get a taste for Hawai‘i's local flavor at the KCC (Kapiolani Community College) Farmer's Market - considered by many as the best and largest farmer's market on O‘ahu. Branch out and check out a unique selection of locally grown and prepared foods, from fresh fruits and vegetables (Mangoes and lychee? Yes, please!) to mind-blowing banh mi and melt-in-your-mouth mochi.

Held every Saturday from 7:30 a.m. - 11 a.m., this farmer's market gives visitors a bite-sized sample of Hawai‘i's foodie fare. Bring your reusable tote to hold your haul of Kahuku papaya, piping hot lumpia, grilled abalone, one-of-a-kind snacks, baked goods, seasonings and more -- perfect to munch for breakfast or lunch, or to stow away in your luggage for friends and family back home. If you keep a pound (or three) of the local coffee for yourself we promise not to judge you.

Beat the crowds and blistering sun and get there early (we typically try to arrive around 8 a.m.) to snatch up farmer's market favorites like The Pig and The Lady's savory soups and Ono Pops' fresh popsicles made with all local and organic ingredients with flavors like guava chiffon, mango habanero-lime or pineapple li hing.



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Event Finds: Kailua

2) Kailua Farmer's Market

As the sun sets, Kailua comes alive every Thursday with the sights, sounds and tastes of Windward O‘ahu's Kailua Farmer's Market.

After a day swimming and splashing around Kailua, spend your evening perusing the aisles and stalls of the Kailua Farmer's Market, held Thursdays at Kailua Town Center, behind Long's and Pier 1, from 5 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Curb your hungry opu (stomach) with the beautiful buffet of fresh, locally grown Big Island abalone (grilled still on the shell), honey, local herbs, fruits and vegetables and other farmer's market favorites like the sushi sliders and purple banana malasadas.

The best part - because the market is held in the parking garage adjacent to Macy's you won't need to worry about experiencing one of Windward O‘ahu's frequent and unpredictable passing rain showers.


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Event Finds: Downtown

3) Honolulu Night Market

Who says New York is the only city that never sleeps? When the sun sets, Honolulu comes alive with the fashionably dressed sights, pulsing sounds and delicious smells of Honolulu Night Market. Held every third Saturday of the month, this nighttime fete is the place to see and be seen with art demonstrations, fashion shows as well as some of the island's favorite food and fashion vendors.

Founded by local entrepreneur Poni Askew of Street Grindz (who also got the wheels rolling on the popular Eat the Street food truck rally), Honolulu Night Market has an edgy and hip vibe that caters to both urban trendsetters and families alike. Grab a bite at one of the popular food trucks (think: tater tots from Miso and Ale and a slice from Kiawe Pizza) then browse the rows of local vendors to pick out a few one-of-a-kind gifts for loved ones back home as well as some unforgettable pieces for yourself. Then wile the night away taking in live art demonstrations, fashion shows and engaging arts and crafts. And don't forget dessert!

Honolulu Night Market takes to the (Auahi) Street the third Saturday of every month from 6 p.m. - 11 p.m. For more information visit www.honolulunightmarket.com/.


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Event Finds: Downtown

4) Eat the Street

Put the brakes on looking around for a place to eat. If it’s the last Friday of the month, hit the pavement and Eat the Street at the island’s uber popular monthly food truck rally.

Since Eat the Street launched in 2011 the event has put the pedal to the medal, transforming the kama‘aina preconception of food trucks  (or lunch wagon as the locals call them) into mini gourmet kitchens dishing up innovative treats and tidbits. Past attendees have pigged out on themed menus featuring everything from bacon and musubi (a ball of rice, pronounced moo-soo-bee) to chocolate and cheese. If you’re still looking for directions to navigate Hawai‘i’s food truck craze, we have our top tips to help you avoid event traffic!

  • Arrive early. Eat the Street starts at 4 pm so plan ahead to arrive a little before four so you can park yourself in front of your favorite trucks!
  • Plan your attack. A day or two ahead of time, check out sites like www.StreetGrindz.com and www.NonStopHonolulu.com, download the StreetGrindz app or check out their social media to see what trucks will be there and determine what your must-try dishes are.
  • Buckle up! Part of the fun of an event like Eat the Street is the pulsing atmosphere and hordes (which translates to yes, lines) of people. Be prepared to go bumper to bumper for your meal. 


For the latest list of participating food trucks, menus and locations visit www.StreetGrindz.com.

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