Activity Finds: Waikiki

Kaimana Beach

Washing up on the shores of Waikiki, Kaimana Beach is splashed out between the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel and the War Memorial Natatorium. Popular amongst beachgoers who call O‘ahu home, Kaimana Beach is the perfect part of Waikiki to float away the day building sandcastles with the kids, snorkeling in the shallow reef or sunbathing along the beach's wide and sandy shores.

In 1902 Kaimana Beach was the historic site for the state's first submarine cable providing a telegraphic link between Hawai‘i and the U.S. mainland. Today, the remnants of that cable still rest on the ocean floor along Kaimana Beach's channel.

For those who aren't strong swimmers, keep your wits (and fins) about you since the current here can be particularly strong, especially after high tide. Make sure to check in with the lifeguard before getting into the water and if you're a weak swimmer or with young children make sure to keep close to shore.


Know Before You Go


Keep your fins about you. The current here can be particularly strong, especially after high tide.


If you plan to drive make sure you're packing quarters to pay for street parking.


If you want to splash out, dash out early. Kaimana tends to get crowded - especially on the weekend.

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