Food Finds: Kailua

Kalapawai Market

For groceries on the go, Kalapawai Market in Kailua has been a staple for area residents since their hanabata (hah-nah-bah-tah or small kid) days growing up. Their trademark green façade and barn-like exterior makes it a recognizable landmark as you mosey by their storefront off of South Kalaheo Avenue.

Established in 1932, their location near the entrance to Kailua Beach Park makes it the perfect go-to for last-minute provisions like a bag of ice, six pack of juice or their selection of made-to-order sandwiches, which make for the perfect picnic lunch. And no matter what time of day you visit Kalapawai you'll find yourself rubbing shoulders with Lanikai and Kailua regulars - many of whom, consider a visit to Kalapawai for a toasted bagel and cup of coffee as routine as brushing their teeth in the morning.

If you need some items before making the trek back into Waikiki (like say, a bottle of wine to pair with dinner or ice cream bar to cool off) a quick run to Kalapawai will have you stocked with everything you need - and then some.


Know Before You Go


 The perfect pit stop to load up on snacks and drinks before taking the plunge at Kailua Beach. 


Patience is a virtue - especially in the morning! Parking is limited, so come prepared.

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