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Opal Thai

We know, we know. When you think of O‘ahu's North Shore you think of babes in bikinis, shave ice and maybe the odd honu (green sea turtle) sighting. But Thai food?! Opal Thai is breaking those preconceptions with their spicy new eatery in Hale‘iwa Town Center, now a hot dining spot for some of the best Thai food in Hawai‘i.

Chef and owner Opel Sirichandhra (yes, the restaurant is a twist on his name) has taken the tasty Thai dishes out of his old food truck without losing the flavor and personal touch, which made it so popular. And because Opal's is BYOB you can grab a bottle of your favorite wine (or whatever you're craving) and dig into tom yum, minced pork salad, stir-fried noodle, duck curry, sautéed eggplant, drunken noodles and a few other dishes Opel will come out from behind the kitchen to personally recommend. One of our favorite Opel-isms is "I got something for you, no worry!"

If you've got room after Opel has loaded up your table, we'd recommend the crab noodle ($10.95). We get tipsy just thinking about the long, thin noodles topped with real crab, egg and a sprinkling of green onion. And if you like to turn up the heat, be sure to ask for Opel's chili flakes - a homemade family-secret blend, which provides the perfect accent to the meal.

Before you head out, make sure to check your wallet for cash. Opal Thai doesn't accept credit cards.


Know Before You Go


Their crab noodle is to Thai for (but so are their other dishes!). If you can't decide, the owner Opel regularly pops out of the kitchen to make personal recommendations!


Opal Thai is BYOB so make sure to grab a bottle (or two) of your favorite brew or bubbly to pair with your meal. 


If you like to spice things up, ask your server for some of Opel's chili flakes -- a homemade, family secret.

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